North Texas Autocross Series

Sponsored by the North Texas S2000 Owners Club

Event Calendar
You can find event schedule information on the North Texas S2000 Owners Club (NTS2KOC) forum located at or on the calendar on the Metroplex Miata Enthusiasts (MME) site located at There are new discussion threads started in the NTS2KOC and MME forums a few weeks prior to the event.These discussion threads are a great resource for information concerning the event.


You can register for events on the DLB Racing web site located at and payment is required for all events.

Please email Jerrett Jan at if you need more information about NTAXS events.


NTAXS Autocross Results
You can check out the results from our most recent and previous autocrosses here. We will put up the results of future autocrosses as soon as we possibly can at this same location. Be sure to check back!


NTAXS Autocross Pictures
Many thanks to Erik Anderson of Erik Anderson Designs Photography for hosting our pictures! To see the images from our events, click here, then click the Photo Gallery link, and follow the NTS2KOC links. You'll find our most recent pictures as well as archived ones from previous events.


Event Information
You can download our Rules here to review the complete rules, classifications, and procedures for our events.


Autocrossing General Information
Autocrossing is a fun way to learn your car in a controlled environment. The NTAXS and autocrosses hosted by other local clubs (BMW, Porsche, Equip Rapide, and the SCCA) are based on the SCCA Solo 2 autocross format. This format involves setting up a course using orange cones (like construction cones) and their convention for turns, apexes, and other features to create a course or track. Drivers compete against the clock for time, and more importantly, you get to drive and learn how to control your car on the edge of its handling capabilities.


The following links provide additional information about autocrossing, what to expect at an event, and how to prepare for an event:

NTAXS Autocross Rules - MUST READ!!!
David Temming's Autocross Article - Interesting reading.
Jerrett Janís ĎA Day of Autocrossing' Article Ė How your day will go.
The Solo 2 Handbook - The Tire Rack's comprehensive guide. - Excellent site dedicated to the sport.
Roger Johnsonís Course Design Handbook Ė This has some great info on how to attack various course elements.