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Factory ECU


What it Looks Like
Here's a shot of the unit opened (click on the pics for a larger image):

You can take the cover off by removing the 4 phillips screws at each of the 4 corners of the cover plate. Note the location of the mounting tabs for the component side- the other plate will just expose the solder side (nothing interesting there).

This one shows a little more detail:

The largest chip is the processor- an OKI that's custom made for Honda. The part number is an MSM66589. This part is currently obsolete. The large "-XXX" number following the oki part number is the mask number, indicating the ROM version OKI "masks" into the part (in OKI's factory) for Honda, indicated the model, year, and software revision for the intended vehicle. In this case, from an '01 S2k, it's a "-146." To download a .pdf specification for this processor, please click here.

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