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To view a movie, simply click on it and your operating system should bring up the appropriate viewer. Windows users can right-click on the filename and save to disk to view later. All the AVIs are Indeo5 with Microsoft MS-ADPCM audio (22khz 8bit Mono). The MPEGs should work with any version Windows Media Player and the RM's with Real Player available from http://www.real.com. Large files will take a while, especially if you have a dialup. Please download only one file at a time. If you get a "not available" error message, the server is likely busy... please try again later. Enjoy!

For more movies, albeit not S2000-related, see our sister site's Movies section here.


Filename Size Description
tws-CW.rm 5.5MB David R. at Texas World, running a few laps clockwise (backwards!).
hallett0902-02.avi 29MB Todd running a few laps at Hallett in his S2k.
hallett0902-03.avi 15.6MB Some more of the above.
hallett0902-04.avi 28.7MB Some more of the above.


Filename Size Description
bmw0602-01.rm 2MB Todd at the June ('02) BMW autocross in Mineral Wells.
bmw0602-02.rm 2MB Same as above... a little quicker through the course (note improvement).
bmw0602-03.rm 2MB Sames as above... about the same, different errors this time.
bmw0602-04.rm 2.2MB Same as above, though this is DEFINTELY the wrong way!
s2k0602-01.rm 3.4MB Todd at the June S2k event in Mineral Wells... two hot laps.
s2k0602-02.rm 3.4MB Same as above, a little quicker.
bmw0802-01.rm 1.8MB Todd at the August BMW autocross, taking the local Prelude club VP for a ride. :)
bmw0802-02.rm 1.7MB Same as above, solo, but done right (fastest!).
greg1.mpg 12.4MB Same course as above, but Greg in his S2k (much faster!!!).
greg2.mpg 17MB Same as above, but... well, download and see why he was MUCH slower in this one!
greg3.mpg 18.9MB Greg in his S2k at the Sept. BMW Event...
greg4.mpg 16.9MB Same as above, but the RIGHT way to do it!
greg5.mpg 17.3MB BUMPER CAM! Check it out!!!

Track Racing

Filename Size Description
tws0901-01.avi 32.2MB Todd at Texas World Speedway, in his new S2000.
tws0901-02.avi 34.7MB Todd at Texas World Speedway, in his new S2000.
tws0901-03.avi 32.7MB Todd at Texas World Speedway, in his new S2000.
tws0901-04.avi 31.1MB Todd at Texas World Speedway, in his new S2000.
msr0602-01.rm 3.5MB Todd at MSR during "Passing Miata Day." :)
msr0602-02.rm 3MB Same event as above...

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